Our Abiquiú member inn — The Grand Hacienda — is ideally located for your exploration of Abiquiú, Ghost Ranch, and the surrounding area.

Abiquiú is rich in places to see and discover. Whether you’re a history buff, interested in the culture of the area, the geological formations, a lover of the arts and Georgia O’Keeffe, or if you seek outdoor adventures … Abiquiú will not disappoint.

Abiquiú is a small village in northern New Mexico, about 55 miles north of Santa Fe. There is much history and culture in the village, including dinosaurs and cattle wrestlers; Native American Puebloans who claimed this land for generations; and Spanish colonists. And, of course, famous painter Georgia O’Keeffe.

The village of Abiquiú was founded in 1754, 22 years before the American colonies severed connections to Great Britain and issued the Declaration of Independence!

Abiquiú is thought to be the starting point of the Old Spanish Trail, the 1,200-mile trade route that opened up the west from northern New Mexico with Los Angeles, California. Later, Abiquiú also was a stagecoach stop for travelers.

Famous artist Georgia O’Keeffe also lived in the area from 1929 until 1984, and many of her famous paintings depict the colorful vistas and landscape in the area. Her home and studio in Abiquiú is open for tours and nearby Ghost Ranch offers tours of the locations where she painted.

Abiquiú is also a popular spot for movies and films, including Cowboys and Aliens, Rattlesnake, Silverado, City Slickers, Wyatt Earp, 3:10 to Yuma, Indian Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, The Lone Ranger, Red Dawn, the TV series Earth 2, and many more. What show wasn’t filmed here? Breaking Bad’s episode titled, “Abiquiú”. You can take a tour of filming locations at Ghost Ranch.

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